Using Adobe XD, we were tasked to redesign a website in multiple stages starting with: site layout, navigation menu, linking to other pages, and lastly a working gallery. I chose Darebee, a fitness website that provides workout routines, nutrition plans, articles, and more. I wanted to keep close to the original when it came to colour scheme using greys and red throughout the site. When it came to typefaces, I used Rockwell for headings, and Raleway for the body copy of the site, since the two were very similar to the original but looked more pleasing in the redesign.

The main issue I found for the original site is that, it required a better spread of the information on the home page, a more condensed navigation menu, and a simpler layout that would facilitate how the user navigates throughout the other pages.

(Note: The original as since changed but I still recommend visiting just to compare.)