Fitness Manual

For this project we were tasked to create an editorial layout using an existing magazine or creating our own. I created a mix of both, inspired by Men’s Health magazine, I created Fitness Manual, a source for those interested in fitness which provides them with workout and nutrition ideas. The magazine is targeted to young adults, male and female, who are interested in fitness or starting their fitness journey.

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Image by Javier Quesada
The Task

The main task for this project was to create a magazine that had a consistent tone all throughout. We were in charge of creating our own headlines, supporting ads, and a table of content as well.


Moving forward I will be comparing the original version of this magazine with the new and improved one. I will point out the elements that had a change, as well as those that stayed relatively the same.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Mood Board

For the original I decided to mostly stay true to Men’s Health Magazine, which I now realize was a hinderance in the final original version. The second time around I started by grabbing a couple inspiration images from Pinterest in hopes of making a breakthrough.

Front Cover

Starting with the front cover, with the original I wanted to give it a bit more of personality using the colour scheme to green and yellow. In the redesign however, that was not going to fly, so I decided to scrap it and keep with what seemed to work out there, black, red, and white. Another change I made was narrowing my target audience to young adults both men and female, this also opened the door for a more dynamic front cover and main article.


The original index page felt empty and my solution was to add an image to fill the space. This resulted in the spread feeling chunky to me, as the full-page ad and the small image clashed with each other. I ended up removing the image, keeping the index simple and clean, and bringing that red and black to keep it cohesive with the rest of the magazine. As for the ad, there was just a small clean up of the car image in photoshop.

Main Article

As I mentioned before, I wanted to keep the original similar to Men’s Health. As such the magazine uses a three-column layout for the body copy. However, I was still shy about keeping the images within the page, making it look stiff. For the redesign I wanted to break out of the grid, giving the layout a more dynamic feel that fits the theme of the magazine.


I applied the same thinking on the second spread for the main article, using an image to break the grid, and wrapping the text around the images.

Department Article 1

For the first department article, I wanted to have sub-headings dividing the article into different sections. In the original the spacing between the sub-headings and copy was off and fixed it in the redesign. As for the ad on the left side I made sure to spread the copy better to make it look more appealing.

Department Article 2

The second department article saw the least changes, only fixing the spacing between the image and body copy. The ad saw a few changes to make it look cleaner and giving an incentive for the reader to engage.

Back Cover

I wanted to end the back cover with an ad, the original was pretty boring, so for the redesign I wanted to still keep it simple yet attractive.

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